Who is Neon Unicorn Studios?

TL,DR:¬†I’m a former zoo keeper who discovered how fun it is to dye wool yarn.

Yarn hair
That’s not my real hair. It’s yarn ūüėÄ

Once upon a time, I was a zoo keeper.  I loved it! Working with all sorts of cool animals like 3-banded armadillos, sand cats, poison dart frogs, geckos, and yes, lots of different kinds of snakes, was a lot of fun.

Although I had to leave that world when my 2nd child was born, I still have a part of it with me. I share my home with some genetically related humans, 2 goofy cats, a cockatiel, and an Amazon parrot. If you are severely allergic to cats, I can not guarantee that my products are allergen free.

I’m a big science fiction fan. ¬†We love all things Star Wars in this house. Firefly, Star Trek, and Dune are some of my favorite universes, too.

How did I turn into a Yarnie? ¬†Well, it all started with ear infections and diaper rash. ¬†Say what?? I’m not kidding.

My second child was on antibiotics A LOT! I turned to cloth diapering to help¬†alleviate the resulting diaper rash.¬†Money was tight then since¬†I wasn’t working…and¬†those cloth diapers are expensive! I made diapers with a serger and old cotton t-shirts. I also made¬†diaper covers out of wool sweaters I found at the thrift store. But that wasn’t enough for me. I was bitten by the “knitting bug” while pregnant and I¬†was really interested in knitting some wool diaper covers.¬†

That’s was what led me to discover that I could dye wool yarn with Kool Aid. One of my first dyeing efforts was a Kool Aid rainbow (pictured right).

Rainbow worsted skeinsFast-forward a bit. I found Ravelry¬†and soon¬†became a moderator for the Kool Aid dyeing forum there: What a Kool Way to Dye.¬†I developed many “formulas” to produce hard-to-get colors and gained lots experience working with Kool Aid. ¬†My minor in chemistry came in handy.

By May¬†2008, I decided to open an Etsy shop and sell my Kool Aid dyed, non-superwash, worsted weight wools for others to enjoy. My target audience back then was the diaper-cover-knitting moms. ¬†Because of that, I chose “Munchkin Knitworks” as¬†my shop’s name: a reference to my two munchkins. ¬†I also sold a few knitted covers as well as a diaper cover pattern in my shop back then. Eventually, I turned to professional acid dyes and stopped¬†selling the knitted items.

In 2010, some family members gave me an item that was¬†salvaged from an IMG_8165abandoned storefront they were helping to clean. ¬†They knew it had something to do with yarn, but didn’t know what it was. ¬†It was a warping board! It is a tool used primarily in weaving to wind long lengths of yarn. That same year, I had a custom order that was a game changer: self-striping rainbow sock yarn. That first rainbow (pictured right) was on a nice cashmere/Merino/nylon blend, too. ¬†YUM! That pic is also the unicorn’s mane in my logo.

That’s when my¬†self-striping yarns really took off! In August of 2012, I had a 10th Anniversary of Firefly-themed shop update that was all self-striping sock yarn inspired by the show. ¬†The self-striping rainbows started flying out the door shortly thereafter.

I have had some mobility and health issues in recent years, so I don’t always have an overflow of inventory listed for sale. But now that my health seems to be stabilizing, I am concentrating on growing my yarn business. To that end, I have decided to rename my Etsy shop and am embarking on this website-building journey. ¬†My new name is a fusion¬†of my childhood love of all things unicorn, an adjective used to describe the colors of my most popular rainbow, and a vague reference to a¬†common internet meme you may have come across…but dd thought the name “Farting Unicorn Studios” was too gross ūüėČ LOL

Thanks for stopping by Neon Unicorn Studios.