Rainclouds & Rainbows: Recreating my gray/rainbow on merino sock yarn

Savage Valentine: a hot pink to purple gradient

This colorway is based in part off an experimental gradient I dyed a while back on some lace weight yarn.  Here I have dyed 6 gradient shades so that they will be repeating stripes on sock yarn.

Thunderclouds and Rainbows

I have several pics showing this colorway as I was working up a swatch.  It is dyed on the Yak-n-Ewe Sock base yarn.

I dyed 2 skeins and decided to keep one for myself 😀

Introducing “Yak-n-Ewe Sock”

So, I’m behind again on uploading my Instagram pics here.  I’m going to make a few posts that keep the new colorways grouped together.

First, the very exciting new yarn: Yak-n-Ewe Sock a 70/20/10 SW Merino/Yak/Nylon blend.  It dyes up into some very nice heathered colors.

From left to right: Flickering Flame, Shamrock Shadow, Azure Lake, and Violaceous.

The skeins above went to The Fiber Universe.  Below, I had a custom order to repeat Violaceous.

Here are some other pics of the skeins.  These were all dyed to be gradient poolers.